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ERDF Compliance

The overall aim of publicity is to highlight and promote the role played by the European Union, specifically through the EUIGJ, in supporting projects within Northern Ireland.

A3 Certificates

As a minimum the European Commission requires that each supported project must display a poster, A3 in size, provided by Invest NI confirming the project has been part funded by EUIGJ. The A3 poster must be on display at the location where the project is being undertaken, in a prominent position where the public and/or the company’s’ customers are able to see it.


If a beneficiary of an ERDF supported project has a company website, the following information must be displayed on that website:

  • A paragraph giving a short description of the project including its aims and results, and highlighting the financial support from the EU;
  • The ERDF logo which includes the strapline.

The paragraph in recognition of the ERDF support should be placed where it is easily accessible, for example in the news section of the website, and must remain on the website during the implementation period of the project, this covers the period from when the letter of offer is accepted by the beneficiary until the final submitted claim for the project has been paid by Invest NI. Evidence must be provided showing the article on the company website at the start and at the end of the implementation period by means of a dated screenshot of the article.

The logo must be the full colour logo and is to be of at least the same size and prominence as other logos.  The logo should be visible on the page without having to scroll (on at least one electronic device). If the beneficiary wants to locate the logo on the home page of the website (again where it must be visible without scrolling), rather than as part of the news article, this is also acceptable.

Capital Projects Exceeding €500,000

For larger scale capital projects, billboards (permanent and temporary) must be erected. A permanent plaque or billboard will have to be installed no later than three months after completion of a project that fulfils the two criteria mentioned below.

  1. the total public support to the project exceeds EUR 500,000;
  2. the project consists of the purchase of a physical object, or of the financing of infrastructure or of construction operations. 

The billboard, both permanent and temporary must display the name of the project, the main objective of the project, the European Union emblem together with the reference to the European Union and the reference to the EU Fund or Funds utilised and should take up at least 25 % of that billboard.

Temporary billboards need to be erected during the implementation of the project, for each project consisting of the financing of infrastructure or construction operations for which the total public support to the operation exceeds EUR 500 000.

Printed Materials

  • Publicity requirements also apply to all publications/printed material funded under the Letter of Offer including:Event material (backdrops/programmes/invitations, presentations etc.);
  • Advertisements;
  • Promotional items/materials;
  • Publications and press releases relating to the project funded; The above list is not exhaustive so please check with the EU Programmes Team if you have any queries.

    Any conferences/seminars/fairs/exhibitions relating to activities supported by the Programme should also display the official logo prominently and a dated photographic record of this retained.